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Technical SEO

Here we will analyze your website to identify and fix the technical issues that are affecting the SEO negatively. 

SEO Audit

We study the complete overview of your business to identify key areas in which we can work on.

SEO Strategy

By analyzing your competitors, we develop a unique and personalized strategy to build your organic traffic. 

Content Creation

We plan and execute a tailored content strategy to exploit the untapped potential of blogs to draw traffic to your website. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is something that every new business owner should quickly familiarize themselves with as early as possible. Even if the business has an exclusively online presence or an online presence that complements their offline business.

There can be various end results that can serve as the motivation for conducting SEO. Whether it is increasing your brand awareness, bringing in unique visitors, or to consistently gain a sustainable source of traffic for your website which presents your business. All of this results in more sales, although the conversion rate may be variable.

When is the best time to start thinking about SEO?

It’s earlier than you’d think. Ideally, the best time to think about SEO is even before choosing a business name. Choosing a business name is a big decision because it will influence what domain name you are going to buy, which in turn is going to influence SEO.

How SmartUp Technologies can help you?

A personalized bulletproof strategy for your business

We have gained the experience of dealing with a wide variety of domains for setting SEO. As a result, we are fully equipped with producing a bespoke SEO plan that is specific for your business.

A tailored SEO package will always outperform ‘one size fits all‘ SEO packages.

Full monthly reports

As a client, you will receive monthly reports detailing all the work that has been done. This is because we believe in transparency and work ethics. You can always reconsider the plan after reviewing the reports we send you.

Content strategy and creation

For proper SEO, we need a good content plan with top-notch content. This is the untold secret behind much of SEO. SmartUp Technologies will assign you a dedicated content manager who will ensure proper planning and execution.

Targeted outreach

Like in other domain in digital marketing like Social Media Marketing, SEO also requires relevancy. To maintain relevancy, we don’t simply reach out blindly. Instead we study and reach out to specific outlets which are relevant to your business for maximum effect and drive referral traffic.

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