February 14, 2019
Web Development, Social Media Management

For Techacker, we had to work on development as well as marketing. Over the course of more than a year, the website has gone through many transitions, each aiming to be better than its predecessor.



  • An attractive Navbar that would offer quick and easy to use shortcuts to the entire blog
  • Content Management System set up for blogs including rich media
  • Landing page for each category
  • Running ad campaigns on Social Media
  • Notify subscribers when a blog is published
  • Members to comment on articles
  • User friendly
  • Consistent traffic from Social Media Marketing
  • Automatic Social Media sharing

Results and Testimonial

The website has gone through major overhauls a couple of times. Techacker is an ongoing project where we help in site optimizations, SEO optimizations and general site maintenance. Our development fulfilled all the requirements and the client was able to get blogs published with ease. 

The site is performing very well for its first year and is consistently getting traffic. We also did some small optimizations to make the site SEO friendly. Additionally, Techacker gets traffic from Social Media as well owing to SMT’s Social Media Marketing. 

"Techacker has been an interesting journey with the SMT team. They are very closely involved in the project and help me out with any query efficiently and diligently."
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