June 18, 2020
Web Development

Essentially, Span Geneva is a Social Network of specialists. It is a platform we built for the personal assistants and secretaries based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Additionally, the platform would be used by local businesses like hotels or cafe owners to advertise their business to a highly specific audience on a low noise channel. 



  • A fixed area at the top of Members homepage (after registration) that Admins can edit
  • Creation of a forum with different groups of users
  • Forum with categories
  • Possibility to create polls
  • Notify different users centrally feature
  • Members to vote for posts they find relevant (optional)
  • Possibility to notify Members and/or Partners centrally 

Results and Testimonial

The website needed to be exactly as per the requirements. We were in constant contact with our client and communicated efficiently on both ends and kept the development process running smoothly even during the COVID-19 outbreak. We did not let our client feel any sort of a set back or a delay because of the new situation. 

The development process naturally followed the client’s changing requirements. We would communicate with detailed PowerPoint presentations that would track the tasks completed and the tasks under progress. In the end, we succeeded in building a functioning platform for our client. 

Project Manager
"Thanks a lot for the hard work! So far I m really pleased with the collaboration with SMT. They are very open and available for communication and feedback. Great collaboration."
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