August 17, 2019
Web Development

Reviews Garage needed to be developed as an authoritative reviews website that would focus on Camera, Laptop, TVs and other consumer electronics.

Reviews Garage had to compete with already established giants in the industry so their website had to be top-notch.


  • An attractive Navbar that would offer quick and easy to use shortcuts to the entire blog
  • Content Management System set up for blogs including rich media
  • Landing page for each category
  • Possibility to create polls
  • Notify subscribers when a blog is published
  • Members to comment on articles
  • User friendly

Results and Testimonial

We deployed a website design but the client wanted something else. The client was satisfies with our second attempt which was also responsive for mobile devices. Our development fulfilled all the requirements and the client was able to get blogs published with ease. 

The site is performing very well for its first year and is consistently getting traffic. We also did some small optimizations to make the site SEO friendly. 

"I am glad SMT was able to get me a responsive and lightweight website. Thankfully it's easy to use and the pages are simple but elegant."
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