November 8, 2020
E-commerce, Social Media Management
Shakeel Ahmad


  • An attractive Navbar that would offer quick and easy to use shortcuts to the entire E-commerce website
  • Content Management System set up for blogs including rich media
  • Landing page for each category
  • Running ad campaigns on Social Media
  • Full E-commerce website functionality
  • User friendly
  • Consistent traffic from Social Media Marketing


Grand WSM is a superstore which sells a variety of product categories under one roof. 

We have been with Grand WSM ever since its inception in September 2020. We started building its digital presence even before there was a physical store. We built a strong following of around 10,000+ Facebook likes by the time the physical store launched on 5th November 2020. 

We created a launch strategy for the new brand and created content for social media postings. Simultaneously, we worked on the development of the website. We were asked to take it slow on the website until the physical store is performing optimally. 

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